Out with the old, and in with the new: Why the new Glass Tint Balms are even better!

Out with the old, and in with the new: Why the new Glass Tint Balms are even better!

Last year, when we launched our Glass Tint Balms, we had one goal in mind: to bring to the Indian consumers what they’ve never seen on the market before. Taking inspiration from the best brands in the world, we formulated our balms with a lot of love and attention to detail. Thankfully, the hard work paid off and we were sold out almost immediately after launching! You, our Diam Beauties loved the balms, and we started noting down what worked best, & what didn’t. We know how important customer satisfaction is, which is why we kept all the reviews in mind, good or bad, and have come up with an even better product than before! Want to know what the major changes are? Well look no further, here’s a list of what’s new and better with our Glass Tint Balms 2.0:

PACKAGING: Although the click applicator was fun, and first of its kind is India, we took into consideration that it wasn’t a favourite with some of the Balm lovers since it wasn’t retractable. Our new version however, has a retractable twist base, giving you the ease you feel with a lipstick, while still keeping the overall pen sleek & trendy. 

FORMULA: One thing we here at Diam Beauty really value is the importance to not only make sure our formulas look good, but also source quality ingredients to make them feel good. Our products are normally very nature based, using the goodness of butters & fruit oils. The one issue some of the customers faced with the previous balm was that they didn’t like the smell and taste of the product. This led to our second quest- to keep the quality of the product high with the ingredients, but also make sure no one faces this issue with balms ever again. So the team sat down to formulate a new batch of products which were the same quality, if not better, without any of problems regarding smell and taste. The new formula now has a slight hint of vanilla, without it being overpowering in any way. 

HIGHER GLOSS & PIGMENT: Speaking of new & better formulation, how could we not make the balms even more glossy and pigmented? This is the team’s personal favourite new tweak. While working on new and even better ingredients, we decided to make up for how long we kept you waiting by making the balms even dreamier & juicier! A little will go a long way for that oh-so-kissable pout with these new balms. 

TWO NEW SHADES: It’s no secret that our main goal here at Diam Beauty is to make sure our customers, no matter what shade of skin, can find their perfect fit. India is the land of diverse cultures and skin tones, so how could we not keep that in mind? Our two new shades are what defines a brown girl friendly shade range. The first new shade- Black Onyx, is a beautiful glossy plum-y maroon, that will be so beautiful on deeper skin tones! Our second new shade- Amethyst is a PH adaptive shade, meaning every skin tone will get their perfect shade of pink after applying the balm to their lips💗

We’re so happy and excited for you to try our Glass Tint Balms! Our work of love is now yours🫶